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Learn More About Commercial Toilet Partitions

What toilet partition material is cheapest?

Powder-coated steel & plastic laminate are the least expensive options.

What toilet partition material is most durable?

HDPE and phenolic are generally the most durable options with the longest warranties. 

How to install toilet partitions?

Because there are multiple options for room configurations, partition materials, toilet partition styles, & types of toilet partition hardware, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Please reach out to us for job-specific instructions.  

Should a bathroom door open in or out?

Generally speaking, ADA accessible stalls have outswing doors with self-closing hinges and standard stalls are inswing. However, this can be preferential. We recommend checking your local building codes before starting a project!

Why do public bathroom stall doors have gaps on both sides?

Gaps and open spaces allow for quick access in emergency situations. Privacy hardware can be used to minimize gaps. Many manufacturers offer Euro style partitions that have taller panels and doors while also eliminating gaps. Laurenzo Specialties can help you design your restrooms to fit your style and budget needs. Contact us today!

Let Us Help You Find The Right Toilet Partition For Your Commercial Bathroom Project

From helping you find the best brand and style of toilet partition for your unique needs to guiding you through the commercial bathroom construction process and beyond, we're here to help every step of the way! Learn more about our wide selection of industry-leading toilet partitions, get a FREE toilet partition quote, or contact us today for more information. 

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