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Baby Changing Stations

J. Laurenzo Specialty Products knows that when you’re considering a diaper-changing station for your restaurant or business cost, quality, and hygiene are crucial parts of your decision-making process. We are proud to provide these qualities with both Koala baby changing station products and Bradly restroom baby changing tables. These two leading manufacturers of division 10 products for your commercial restroom.

Today’s parents expect to find convenient and well-equipped commercial changing tables. Having the best commercial baby changing station possible has the power to turn your business into a welcoming family-friendly location, distinguishing it from competitors and fostering customer loyalty.

Why Commercial Bathroom Baby Changing Stations Are Important:

  • More Convenience: Wall-mounted changing tables make diaper changes easy for parents whether you are at a restaurant or an office building, these commercial restroom accessories provide a dedicated spot for quick parenting on the go.
  • Focus on Cleanliness: Modern public restroom changing stations are designed to be easy to clean, with built-in dispensers for wipes and diapers. This keeps the environment safe and hygienic for both babies and parents.
  • Fits Anywhere: Commercial changing stations are compact and space-saving. Even in an ADA-compliant bathroom with proper accessibility standards and appropriate baby changing station height, they seamlessly fit into different commercial environments, helping businesses canter to parents without taking up too much space. 
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