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Commercial Bathroom Hand Dryers

Here at J. Laurenzo Specialty Products, we are here to supply you with all the important division 10 products (including ADA-compliant products) to help provide long-term value for your commercial properties.  Enhance your commercial restroom by opting for bathroom hand dryers which provide a multitude of advantages over traditional paper towel dispensers. The environmental impact is a significant consideration, as the production of paper towels uses extensive resources. It takes approximately 17 trees and up to 20,000 gallons of water to manufacture a single ton of paper towels. Commercial hand dryers can provide a green alternative for environmentally conscious construction projects. 

Choosing restroom hand dryers not only reduces environmental impact, improves air quality, provides a more manageable commercial restroom layout, and allows you to have an ADA-compliant bathroom, but it also proves cost-effective. Electric hand dryers will eliminate the need for installing commercial toilet paper holders and cut the expenses associated with shipping, stocking, storing, and disposing of consumable paper towels.

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