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Sanitary Napkin Accessories

With a wide range of Divison 10 products, J. Laurenzo Specialty Products can supply all of the commercial toilet accessories you need for your next project. We offer a diverse selection of sanitary napkin/tampon dispensers and sanitary napkin/tampon disposals (including sanitary disposal bag dispensers) from industry-leading brands such as Bobrick products and Bradley products. With a variety of mounting styles, vending operations, and disposal/dispenser sizes, we have the right products to meet your unique needs. 

Bobrick and Bradley sanitary napkin/tampon vendors and disposals feature a durable, stainless steel design made to withstand high-traffic commercial restrooms. From hospital restrooms to gym locker rooms, Bradley and Bobrick sanitary napkin accessories are an ideal choice for any commercial bathroom application. Shop our wide selection of feminine product accessories below.

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